We’re back for an exciting 2022/23 Season!

Welcome back to the ESG community for another exciting season!

Guild Fridays have been back in session for a few weeks and they’ve been jam-packed with energy, excitement, and creativity! Cast members are currently exploring character development through a mixed media art project, while continuing to play and hone their performance skills.

This season we will be back with our Feature Fridays to highlight ESG team members, so stay tuned for that!

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Feature Friday

It’s the first Feature Friday of 2022! Thanks for tuning in!

The ESG cast and crew are working diligently on the upcoming performance about Mary, the mother of Jesus.

While they rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, we want to give you a chance to get to know some of the fantastic people who are part of the ESG community. So, watch for our Feature Friday posts, introducing you to a different ESG member each week.

This week we spoke with: Gilbert

How long have you been involved in ESG?

11 years I think?!

What’s your favourite thing about ESG (other than snacks!)?

How you get to see something you worked on come to fruition. There’s a really cool product at the end of what you’ve done.

What has been your favourite ESG performance?

It’s a toss up between This Changes Everything and the Kingdom Beat. Both are Jesus stories, told differently. Kingdom Beat (which was 2016 or earlier) because it was based on slam poetry and set on Commercial Dr. It was told so well, it sticks in my mind. It had a cool vision of how it was depicted, and it engaged all of the kids really well. This Changes Everything just looked really good and I really liked the script.

If you could play any fictional character, who would you choose and why?

A character I’ve really always wanted to play was MacBeth. It’s just a really interesting role and I really enjoy Shakespeare

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for the next Feature Friday!


Welcome Back to Guild Fridays!

And we’re back!

Energy was high today as we gathered for our first Guild Friday of 2022! Newer cast members were introduced to a couple of our favourite theatre games to warm up, as more experienced actors kindly took the new folk into the fold. Everyone is so excited to be putting on a show after the pandemic-caused hiatus.

What’s involved in getting started? Jeqn encouraged the cast to come together as an ensemble and offered an inspiring reflection on some of ESG’s core principles, such as teamwork, commitment, and being supportive through curiosity and non-judgement.

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The cast got to hear the story that will be told through their spring performance, the story of Mary, the mother of Jesus. ESG’s own Playwright, Kathy, shared some of her process in creating this year’s script. Once the actors received their roles, they dove right into character development.

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It was thrilling to hear the walkthrough of our upcoming production. We can’t wait for everyone to see it!

Stay tuned as we pick up with another season of Feature Fridays, in which we interview an ESG participant, volunteer, or staff person and get to know a little more about the amazing people who make up the ESG community.


Welcome Back for the 2021/22 Season!

….. And we’re back!

We recently had our first in-person Guild Friday session since last fall. It was so wonderful to see everyone’s faces in real life, not just on a screen!

Our first session back was pretty spectacular – The actors worked their way through three escape rooms to solve a word puzzle, completing the word STAR. I wonder what that will mean for this season? Maybe we’ll find out over the next few Guild Fridays! Stay tuned.

We have just a few gatherings planned for this fall, and will begin meeting regularly in January.

Welcome back and thanks for following along with us!