ESG Fall Presentation: Icon Encounter

Icon Encounter

An ESG Storytelling Experience

Join us on Sunday November 10th10:30am & 4:30pm
for a devised performing arts presentation of icons of Mary

Devised Storytelling & Music

Devised Performance is a process where the performers improvise and create the content for the presentation.

We are excited to see the music, movement, and storytelling that is emerging as the teens and kids of ESG explore images and themes of God’s boisterous love for each person and of our eyes opening to the world.

Ponder These Things

Through the 2019/20 ESG season, we are exploring the story of Mary, the mother and disciple of Jesus. As we look at iconsof Mary in the fall, Rowan Williams’ book Ponder These Things has been invaluable in giving us insights into the ancient Orthodox icons of the Eleousa and the Orans.

Experience Rooms

Immerse yourself in a exploration of the Eleousa and Orans icons in a variety of experience rooms, including a young child-friendly creative space, an iconcontemplation room, music stations, an art installation, and two artists who will respond to one of the icons with printmaking and painting throughout the day.

Chilli and Sweets Sale

After the presentation, enjoy a bowl of chili and home-baked treats. All sales go towards ESG’s performing arts program with children and teens.